We invest before investing.

We’re first on ground to support trailblazers create a better tomorrow.

Investing is a team effort.

We are your brains trust.

We were founders first, so we truly get you. We love sharing our knowledge and experience. We challenge you while giving you the space to thrive.

We write the first check.

We really mean it when we say (very) early-stage funding. We are there first, taking the biggest risk. We believe in you when others won’t.

We bring the power of many.

We team you up with multiple experts in your field. We share our network of investors. We promote collaboration with other stars in our circle.

Create the future you want to live in.

We support you to solve real problems through technology.

We’re not just experienced — we’ve got the track record in your area. We can connect you to the right advice and network, if and when you need it.

We like success, but we believe this shouldn’t come at the cost of society, our planet, and people’s lives.

Tech is the foundation for sustainable business models that can navigate market uncertainties and deliver meaningful change.

We already co-founded or invested here.

We are equal partners.

It all started in Kaiserstrasse (“Caesar Street”), Munich, when we decided to turn our passion for investing into a mission. 

This mission: to support outstanding founders in creating a better tomorrow together. 

To do this, we bring what we learned and succeeded in. We are the missing link, getting you the funding you need to get there.

"Not only was Caesar extremely supportive and approachable, they also brought along three angel investors from within their ecosystem, each with a strong value-add for mammaly.”

Alex Thelen, Co-Founder, mammaly

Do you like what you see?

Send us your pitch deck and let’s get the ball rolling! As a first step: in a compelling way, tell us what problem you aspire to solve, how you intend to solve it, how large the addressable market is, which go-to-market approach you’ve chosen and what unfair advantages you have.

Your contact person.