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Customer success tool providing data- and evidence-based recommendations for action to customer success managers in B2B SaaS companies.

Magmatic Bio

Developing, manufacturing and commercializing synthetic proteins with high selectivity, efficiency and environmental stability for recovery of critical minerals.


Democratizing music funding through their marketplace for retail-investing in music royalties.


Virtual customer service assistant with AI automation of phone calls at a human-like level.


Developing a new generation of sustainable, natural, and effective antibacterial solutions based on bacteriophages.


ML powered first mover for optimizing ordering and stock management for fresh products in order to reduce food waste.


Platform offering personalized school learning/test preparations via personalized education through AI tutors.

Lillian Care

Network of hybrid primary care practices supported by a comprehensive tech stack that enables fast setup, streamlined operations, and remote utilization management.


A leading sustainable heating provider that maximizes customer value while enabling the green grid.


LLM-powered automation agent connecting to all systems enabling the automate tasks using natural language.


Omni-channel food brand, developing and marketing instant(ly) healthy, tasty, and affordable meals, 100% plant-based.


Smart and robust hardware with innovative software to create efficient workflows in intralogistics as link between the enterprise software and client staff.


AI-based deep-tech venture building vector search engine. It deploys as an API service providing search for the nearest high-dimensional vectors.


The Berlin-based food startup, which was founded by Maximilian Seedorf in 2019, relies on kombucha-based soft drinks.


The world’s most intuitive inspection and audit app to start improving quality and safety management of SMEs and (large) corporates.


Digital reusable system for takeaway and delivery food. Rent sustainable, reusable packaging without deposit conveniently via app & save plastic waste.


AI-powered guided selling platform to drive more sales and reduce customer service inquiries through human-friendly conversations.

Nu company

“Let’s make every beep at the counter a signal for a healthier and greener world.” is the mission of the nu+company with its famous nu+cao product.


The Lykon platform is an online application that gives the customer the possibility to view laboratory parameter values.


Direct-to-consumer pet company for European Millennials – focusing initially on pet food with a white-label anchor product from Peturo.


DoGo App is, with over 1.2m downloads, the world’s leading mobile coach for puppies and offers its users a global community of dog lovers.


SEON connects those in need of help with the fastest responder through an instant panic button. The German company has started its rollout in Cape Town.


Moonfare aggregates individual demand through its Luxembourg-based feeder fund structure, which invests directly into the underlying target fund.


Hypcloud owns and operates an online platform that connects real estate developers and investors to a network of lenders for debt financing.


MoBerries is the largest network connecting talent to companies via a matching algorithm for on-demand recruitment for employers and easy job applications.


ZAGENO is an online marketplace for life science products. With an innovative solution for procurement departments to streamline ordering.


Digital insurance manager app to store and oversee insurance policies and contracts fully digitally.

PAIR Finance

Europe’s leading digital collections specialist that improves recovery rates thanks to our market-leading technology and supports consumers to achieve individual success.


Treasury service app for high-growth startups from seed to Series C, as well as business angels and venture capitalists.