We're the investors we always wanted.

We believe in your entrepreneurial spirit. We bring you into the fold, connecting you to the advice and the experts that will propel your proposition.

Why work with us?

We're founders and investors too.

We’re not just experienced — we’ve got the track record in your area. We can connect you to the right advice and network, if and when you need it.

We lead with

We like success, but we believe this shouldn’t come at the cost of society, our planet, and people’s lives.

We believe tech is a driver for change.

Tech is the foundation for sustainable business models that can navigate market uncertainties and deliver meaningful change.

How we invest.

We focus on these core tech areas:

DeepTech | GreenTech | Digital Health | FinTech

Our criteria are simple:

We already co-founded or invested here.

How we go about it.

We evaluate.

We thoroughly assess every one of the 200+ pitch decks that reach us every month, including yours.

We ask tough questions.

We don’t sugar coat. If we follow-up with you, we’ll be straight shooters, and challenge your business model and setup.

We decide if our values match.

If we invest, we’ll be partners for many years to come. That’s why we make sure we are aligned from the beginning in terms of our business ethics, ambition level and execution focus. 

"Caesar helped us during our first financing round - they are extremely well connected to other investors. They understand SaaS and have given us valuable feedback on our strategy, business plan, and the upcoming financing round. We’re really happy to have them in our cap table.”

Dana Nedamaldeen, Co-founder, Neocom

Do you like what you see?

Send us your pitch deck and let’s get the ball rolling! As a first step: in a compelling way, tell us what problem you aspire to solve, how you intend to solve it, how large the addressable market is, which go-to-market approach you’ve chosen and what unfair advantages you have.

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