We have been where you are.

We’re experienced entrepreneurs and investors. If you need, we can point you in the right direction and connect you to the right people.

We're creating a better tomorrow.

We invest in companies with the potential to improve

our society,

our planet,

and people's lives.

Our six core beliefs.

Beyond tomorrow.

We have a responsibility to future generations.


We strongly believe in the power of having diverse personalities on a team.


We’re open and honest with each other – even when it’s hard.

Enthusiasm & Curiosity.

We’re hungry to solve problems, we ask (too many!) questions, and we lift each other up.


Among many other things, a great business needs accountability, discipline, quality and professionalism.

We over-invest in our community.

The power of the Caesar ecosystem is not its size but rather the level of quality and trust of the interpersonal relationships within.

Our team.

"We trusted Caesar from the start. As expected, they were super professional: they had clear due diligence theses by which they challenged us hard, but their investment process was always completely transparent and fair.”

Tim Breker, Co-Founder, Vytal

Do you like what you see?

Send us your pitch deck and let’s get the ball rolling! As a first step: in a compelling way, tell us what problem you aspire to solve, how you intend to solve it, how large the addressable market is, which go-to-market approach you’ve chosen and what unfair advantages you have.

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